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We are discussing a film project featuring the mothers and families of victims who  lost their lives at the hands of police.  While many are posting on social media, marching and making signs, these families are LIVING the consequence of police brutality.


With this film we hope to raise awareness and inspire the powers that be to make change immediately. 


My Good HeART 

The My Good HeART Project aims to provide a visual standing memorial for victims who died unjustly.  This concept includes the installation of 4-foot tall hearts at the sites or close to the locations where victims were lost. We invite the community to use this area as a point of reflection, conversation and love. Our goal is to provide a platform that people can see and touch and also connect with their hearts.  This project will entail commissioning artists to provide their talents in honoring these victims. The goal is to roll this out by 2022.

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