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In response to incidents of police brutality across the United States, singer Macy Gray is stepping up her nonprofit My Good.

The organization, quietly founded earlier this year, seeks to help the families and loved ones of victims of police violence by providing them with financial, emotional and mental health support. The organization is also working to create different platforms for the families of victims to be heard, including support groups with grieving experts and ministers, among other initiatives.

You don’t have to look very far for examples, as the recent deaths of George Floyd and Breonna Taylor, to name a few, have gripped the country and helped inspire the Black Lives protests. Matter across the country. For Gray, this problem and its consequences for families are personal. Gray has seen her aunt and uncle struggle after their son was killed in a bar fight over four years ago, so she knows firsthand how the loss of a loved one can devastate a family.

“It is impossible to ignore the fact that there are thousands of families in our country who are suffering unexplained deaths due to police brutality. We are here to identify these families and help them with bereavement counseling, legal and financial help, ”Gray said. “I have spoken with a list of mothers who have lost their children in this unthinkable way and they need help. Everyone grieves in different ways, but the common thread is their question of how to continue – they need support and that’s what we’re here to do.

On the organization’s website, Gray makes it clear that My Good is “NOT an anti-police organization,” but rather that his team’s efforts will only focus on “what we can for grieving families” . Mental health services are also of the utmost importance to the artist. In addition, My Good will also organize platforms for the families of the victims, including support groups with bereavement experts and ministers.

Gray shared his take on My Good on July 25 during Richard and Demi Weitz’s “Quarantunes”. The private pandemic concert series was a hit with Hollywood insiders and this episode featured John Legend and his organization, Free America, alongside co-hosts Dana Walden and Chrisette Hudlin and a cast list. musical stars. Gray has spoken, played and raised north of $ 10,000 for My Good thanks to supporters like Legend.

She will host her own virtual concert this fall with a large number of special guests and a VIP welcome party. Details of this event are to come. “It’s exciting to see people demanding that the police system be changed and putting pressure on judges and juries to hold officers who commit murders to account,” Gray continued. “In reality, the police have been around since the 18th century and it will be a while before they turn around. is here to help speed up this process on behalf of these moms, and support them in the meantime. ”

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